IPS Sales Team Visit RM in Italy

  • March 23, 2017

IPS Visit RM

IPS Staff Visit RMAt IPS we value the relationship we have with our manufacturing partners; this week, three members of our business development team along with four members from our internal sales team visited RM in Italy.  RM have been manufacturing high quality Pressfit systems since the 70's. 

The RM Pressfit system offers some unique features including a patented O-Ring Design...
Patented O Ring      O Rings
Standard press systems use traditional circular O-Rings which have a more vertical profile, this can result in potential damage as pipe is inserted into the fitting, the O-Ring being dislodged and  giving a greater area for deposits collect.
RM, designed a patented O-Ring which sits lower down in the fitting, cannot be dislodged and has a greater surface area (20%).

Pressing is a quick and easy method of installing pipe and fittings in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Copper.  IPS are committed to ensuring that the materials are installed correctly.

How to Install
Its not rocket science, but we like to ensure that installations are carried out to manufacturers recommendations, IPS offer a skills card to all those who attend a training session - these can be done prior to a project starting

RM Training Card

Further information on the RM Pressfit range can be obtained from our sale department by calling 0191 521311 or we can arrange for our Business Development Managers to call to discuss your specific requirements.

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Rm Range of Products

IPS & RM Pressfit for Safety, Speed, Reliability, Service & Training

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