New Staufix - Setting the Standard in Backwater Protection

  • October 22, 2017

Staufix backwater valves - BLACK is the new ORANGE!


Kessel are constantly putting existing products to the test, their focus is always on product quality so that they can guarantee functional reliability and easy installation.

With the Staufix  they have made the impossible possible and made the original  valve even better!


Easy Installation

The new  Staufix  comes with removable inlet and outlets for easy installation.  It's integrated upper section has continuous height adjustment for installation in a concrete slab/floor, with the possibility of fitting in waterproof concrete.
The Staufix not only  has different technology but a new look too. This new backwater valve is black, to match the premium range of backwater valves from KESSEL AG. And it is much more compact than its predecessor. The one-handed snap closure on the cover and the additional nominal width Ø 100 mm make this new product very easy to handle. So the new Staufix  once again sets the standard in backwater protection!
Apart from the basic version, there is also the Staufix  Control which is equipped with a signal sensor that triggers an alarm if backwater is detected. This offers home owners even greater security.

Installation set the concrete slab


Thanks to the new installation set with vertically adjustable upper section, installing the Staufix backwater valve in the concrete slab/floor is particularly clean and convenient . Three different extension sections ensure additional flexibility for the installation. The upper section is available with a black cover or a recessed cover for on-site tiling.



Removable two-way socket

The new two-way sockets are removable and therefore make installation of the Staufix easier and faster than ever before. The socket and spigots are available in the same size or different inlet and outlet sizes – and can be individually combined with two different drain bodies. If you have to join old pipes to new ones for structural alteration or renovation work, the two-way sockets offer flexibility

Staufix Control with alarm

The new Staufix Control is particularly smart. It is equipped with an  alarm, which emits a visual and an acoustic warning signal in the event of backwater. This means that home owners are in full control – and always know what is happening in the basement.

Tool-free servicing

The new Staufix is equipped with a one hand quick-release closure, which makes the cover particularly easy to open and close. For convenient maintenance without tools.

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