All the advantages of PE and MORE!!

Mineline piping system is designed and tested especially for the transport of abrasive media.  The innovative multi-layer design guarantees robustness and dependability for a longer lifespan and higher cost efficiency.  The main applications are slurry lines in the mining industry or any other highly abrasive installation.




  • Longer service life due to the abrasion-resistant layer
  • Resists and prevents media adhesion
  • Better durability than conventional metal and PE pipes
  • Significantly longer maintenance intervals
  • Shorter downtime

Minimal thermal expansion
  • White outer - reflects sunlight
  • Reduced abrasion due to less snaking
  • Higher pressure rating and reliability of the system
Higher operational safety
  • High safety margin against water hammer & pressure surges
  • Protection of entire system - all fittings have the abrasion resistance layer.

Size Range: 63mm - 630mm

Pressure Rating: SDR17 & SDR 11

Who Produces it?

Mineline is produced by our manufacturing partner Agru, who continues to lead the world in the production of high-quality piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protection liners and lining systems.  

IPS & AGRU - The Plastic Experts

For more information or to discuss a particular application for Agru Mineline,  please contact our sales office 0191 5213111