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FloWatch 9251

For Systems With 1 - 4 Flow Switches


FloWatch Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems that comply with the alarm requirements of British Standards BS9251.


All their products are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. 


FloWatch noticed that many buildings are not having their flow switches monitored and are being left vulnerable to the compliance of British Standards BS9251.


In 2018 they set out to create a product which was so intuitive, that any sprinkler contractor or fire alarm specialist could install one.




Easy Installation & Setup

Can Be Installed By Any Sprinkler Or Alarm Contractor


The FloWatch 9251 is a bespoke fire sprinkler control and monitoring system which monitors flow switches, pump status and tank level.


In the event of an activation of a flow switch, pump failure or low-water level within the storage tank, an audible and visual alarm will be raised on the Panel.


Monitor up to additional 64 flow switches with the addition of FloWatch 9251 Expansion Modules.





Features Include:

  • Monitors up to 4 flow switches as a standard unit

  • Monitors up to 68 flow switches with the addition of expansion modules

  • Audible alarm on activation of a flow switch

  • Clearly identifies location of flow switch that has been activated

  • Monitors pump (if installed) and alerts building occupants if a fault with the pump occurs

  • Monitors cold water tank (if installed) for low water content and alerts building occupants if the water supply is low

  • Can be interfaced with building fire alarm system if required

  • Can be accessed remotely from PC / smart phone to see status of sprinkler system 

  • Sprinkler system can be connected to a remote monitoring system which will prompt an engineer to attend in the event that a fault on the system occurs

  • MODBUS compatible via RS485 for interface with building management systems (BMS)

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