Sustainability is in the DNA of KESSEL AG  - With Dave Whalley

Protecting people, their economic assets and the environment is in the nature of their drainage solutions.

They divert water, keep it away from where it can cause damage and prevent harmful substances from entering drainage systems.

Sustainability is therefore more than “just” an important requirement of their work - it is ultimately also its purpose.

Sustainability issues therefore naturally play a major role in their company.

This is the way they live up to their motto "Leading in drainage" over and over again.

IPS Flow Systems are proud to be the “KESSEL Exclusive Specialist Partner” for the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland.

Since 1963, KESSEL has stood like no other company for innovative and safe draining technology.

Over several decades, Kessel have established themselves as the industry's pacesetter and are now an international premium supplier.

Their drains, backwater valves, lifting stations, pumps and separator systems are used in more than 60 countries – because no matter whether your needs involve draining water, treating wastewater or protecting against backwater: when the best solution is required, it has to be KESSEL.