Protect your property from internal sewer flooding.

London is a 21st century global financial hub with a population of nearly 9 million, but with a sewer system that in some areas dates back to the 1860s.

Whereas every effort is made improve and manage this network, unfortunately at times, the sewer network can’t cope and becomes surcharged or “backs up”.

When this happens raw sewerage is able to enter unprotected properties in what is known as internal sewer flooding.

These events cause damage, distress and disruption, additionally they pose a risk to health.


IPS Flow Systems can provide “backwater protection” to your property which will prevent this from happening.

The installation of a Pumpfix unit will:

  • Prevent your home flooding.
  • Lower insurance premiums and excesses.
  • With zero running costs under normal conditions.



IPS Flow Systems have a number of approved install and service partners supporting the Greater London area who offer a free assessment and quotation service.

Contact us via email or phone to arrange your free assessment.

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Further Information

Flood prevention

The Pumpfix is a unique solution, it monitors flows in the pipework connected to your property.

If it detects a surcharge, it protects your property by isolating you from the risk, but with the benefit of its onboard pump it still allows you to use your facilities.

The wastewater from your sinks, toilet, washing machine and other appliances is pumped back into system automatically.

Lower insurance premiums and excesses

In some areas, due to the frequency of incidents, insurance companies are now refusing to provide cover against internal sewer flooding for unprotected properties.

Where cover is offered voluntary excess levels are also being increased.

With the installation of a Pumpfix unit it is able to demonstrate that the property is protected.

Zero running cost under normal conditions

The Pumpfix is designed to run under gravity for the majority of the time.

The only costs are associated with control panel and sensors as the pump only engages when there is a surcharge event.

This differentiates the Pumpfix from a pumping station which once installed would pump every drop of waste leaving the property.


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