The KESSEL PUMPFIX F Komfort saved the day on the hottest day of the year in July 2022.  Click on the image above to see the Instagram video. 


"Hi Alan, the valve is now in

and saved flooding last week

when a 30" water main burst

with surcharged the sewer!!"


The  Pumpfix F is the only backwater valve that pumps against the backwater.

In normal operation, the backwater pumping station continuously disposes of the wastewater via the slope to the sewer, making it energy-neutral.

In the event of backwater, the backwater flap closes automatically and when wastewater arises this is pumped against the backwater pressure.

The integrated cutting wheel shreds solids and so the Pumpfix F is also suitable for use wastewater containing sewage. It can also drain basement staircases up to 5 m².

Pumpfix F is available in two versions – for installation in an exposed drainage pipe and for floor slab installation, where you can choose between a black cover or tileable cover.