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Monthly Archives: June 2018

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  1. We're on our way

    We at IPS are so proud of our very own Sales Development Director Andrew Lamb enroute to completing his seventh, yes SEVENTH, Vatternrundan.The Vatternrundan is the world’s largest recreational bike ride spanning 300km around the lake Vattern in Sweden.This year Andrew was accompanied by his good friend and cycling buddy Alan Moutter, in this gruelling task.Andrew and Alan have put their bodies on the line for this bike ride to support a very worthy charity, the Alzheimer Society.  The Alzheimer Society are transforming the landscape of dementia forever, creating a society where those effected by this dreadful disease are supported and accepted.We are sure that we can all agree that the exhausting task is difficult enough but when you think how small their legs are it becomes even more demanding!
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  2. Mupro World Cup Promotion from IPS Flow Systems

    You know you want one!!
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