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Welcome to the IPS Flow Systems blog. From here you can get the latest news and updates about our company and its product range.
  1. Important Message from IPS

    At IPS we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the very best service each and every day.  We will be integrasted a new operating system at the end of February, here are some key dates to be aware of in order to minimise the disruption to you. Dates to Remember   Monday 27th February – Open for Orders & Shipments as Normal Monday 27th February 5pm Closed for Month End Procedures   Tuesday 28th February Closed for Orders – Data Migration   Wednesday 1st March
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  2. FOCUS ON......... RacMet

    Fire Protection accounts for an important world-wide market share in terms of safety and installation, thus Raccorderie Metalliche designed a suitable solutions for the sector professionals. A wide range of products in 4 different materials comply with any designer and installer requirement. Pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche is used when assembling traditional systems such as Sprinklers and hydrants and in the most modern and technological low pressure water mist plants.
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  3. FOCUS ON......... RacMet

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  4. Guide to Double Containment Pipework

    Systems Available DuoSafe Rigid System The Rigid system in PVCU & PVCC is basically a 15-bar rated inner pipe, suspended inside a 9-bar rated outer pipe by 5 special clips on centralisers, and is a solvent weld system. Solvents to be used are the 724 cement with P70 Primer, and are required for all double contained solvent systems, as it is the only cement available to handle hazardous chemicals. The pipe is not fixed, and can be disassembled for installation and cutting purposes. The fittings are all free floating (not fixed rigid inside each other) although Terminations, zone fittings are fixed, and some fittings although free floating design cannot be disassembled. Full installation instructions can be found further down this section, but a new addition in the shape of an installation bush does not appear. In the Handbook section you will see the installation bush. This is to
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  5. Guide to Double Containment Pipework

    Systems Available  DUOSAFE Flex   There are Two hose types available in the flexible system; Aquachem & Hydrachem. Each hose looks the same in appearance, but will be marked along its length with the type of hose that it is. Aquachem is a Black TPU (PVCU Plasticised) liner, surrounded by nylon braiding for strength, covered by a white PU coating for aesthetic reasons. Hydrachem is also a Black liner but is a LOPE material surrounded by a Natural PE Liner, some Braiding and the White PU Coating for aesthetic reasons. IPS Flow Systems hold the latter Hydrachem in stock, for no other reason that it generally covers all the chemicals
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  6. Guide to Double Containment Pipework

        Guide to Double Containment Pipework     What Is double Containment Double Containment is a pipe within a pipe, where the inner pipe is used to transport hazardous media, or media that must not come into contact with lifeforms, and the outer pipe is used to catch any leak from the inner pipe if a leak was to occur, and transport that leak to a safe bunded area. The way that leak is then identified will be answered later in this guide. There are a number of systems available on the market from
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  7. ApprenticeshIPS 2022

      This year our three 2022 apprentices have been outsatnding and passed all their qualifications with flying colours.  Lewis Corkhill, Kian Rowland and Kai Stephenson have been part of our warehouse team this year and have been exemplary in all aspects of their daily routine.  Gary Grant (Warehouse Manager) "the lads have really shown that they are willing to learn and handle all tasks we give them, we look forward to seeing them grow within their roles and help IPS in the upcoming years to be the number one partner for our customers, supplier and our people".   
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  8. Kessel Spotlight - Lifting Station Aqualift F Basic

    Lifting station Aqualift F Basic The economical version for domestic wastewater. The economical alternative: for the disposal of domestic wastewater we offer the lifting station Aqualift F Basic – cutting edge technology at an unbeatable price. It is ideal for the drainage o
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  9. Kessel Spotlight - Lifting Station - Aqualift S compact

    Lifting station Aqualift S Compact The flexible version for wastewater without sewage. Reliable and hygienic: the lifting station Aqualift S Compact is a real quick-change artist. It is the first lifting station in our range that can be converted
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  10. Cost Of Living

    At IPS Flow Systems we have a clear focus; to be the Number One Partner for our Customers, Suppliers and our People.We invest heavily in staff development and well-being and include the whole team in guiding the business forward. In our roles as leaders we hope this ensures the team can maximise their potential and find fulfilment in their role.As we close in on the year end, we wanted to provide an extra thank you, to Team IPS, who make it happen!2022 has been a tough year as the world deals with raw material shortages, extended lead-times, logistics challenges and multiple price increases from our supply chain as a result of the challenges they are facing.The team have worked tirelessly to ensure our levels of customer service have not dropped so we are delighted to have given our
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