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  1. IPS 18th Edition Handbook - Find out, how to get your copy!

    Well the wait is nearly over! with over 500 pages, new products and a cover that would stick out on any shelf!  the 18th Edition of the IPS Flow Systems Handbook will be published soon.
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  2. AGRU - Piping Systems for Industrial Applications

    IPS & AGRU - The Plastic Experts
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  3. AGRU - Setting New Standards in Infra-Red (IR) Welding Technology

    SP 110-S V3 - A World Debut!AGRU
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  4. AGRU SP110S IR Fusion Welding Equipment

    The Agru SP110S machine is the very latest in High Purity welding technology and will fusion weld pipes,fittings, and valves in PVDF, PP, PFA, and ECTFE. The infra red welding process is fully controlled ensuring consistency and traceability for every single joint. Computer controlled, the operator simply follows the on-screen instructions and the machine takes care of the heat soak time, joining pressure, and cooling process. On completion of the welding process, the machine then prints up to 3 labels for attachment to the joint, drawing, or project log. These machines are available from stock for weekly hire or purchase outright
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  5. AgruSafe Double Containment

    Double containment pipes (aslo known as secondary containment pipes) are needed when a system deals with regulated substances, waste or hazardous substances. A double containment piping system consists of two pipes, one inside another. The inner pipe carries the substance and is called the carrier pipe, the outer pipe is called the containment pipe and its purpose is to protect the carrier pipe.AgruSafe is available in Polypropylene, PVDF, Polyethylene and ECTFE (Halar). It is manufactured by AGRU using the latest production and fabrication
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  6. Electrically Conductive Pipes That Reduce Static Risk

    Static builds up when two surfaces that are not electrically conductive rub together. In certain situations where volatile media or dry substances are being conveyed, the risk of static discharge from pipes can be potentially dangerous. To control and safely discharge static electricity, special grades of electrically conductive Polyethylene and Polypropylene pipe should be used.Electrically conductive pipes are designed to be used for piping systems in plant engineering, these specialist polymer products are an increasingly popular alternative choice for this application due to their safety.Electrically conductive
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