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Welcome to the IPS Flow Systems blog. From here you can get the latest news and updates about our company and its product range.
  1. Important Message from IPS

    At IPS we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the very best service each and every day.  We will be integrasted a new operating system at the end of February, here are some key dates to be aware of in order to minimise the disruption to you. Dates to Remember   Monday 27th February – Open for Orders & Shipments as Normal Monday 27th February 5pm Closed for Month End Procedures   Tuesday 28th February Closed for Orders – Data Migration   Wednesday 1st March
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      IPS have partnered with our friends at Unblocktober this October and have allowed them the use of our social media platforms LinkedIn & Instagram  for the full week (w/c 10th october)    Why have IPS decided to help Unblocktober? Unblocktober is the world’s first month-long campaign in which businesses n
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  3. Pumpfix saved the day !

      The KESSEL PUMPFIX F Komfort saved the day on the hottest day of the year in July 2022.  Click on the image above to see the Instagram video.    "Hi Alan, the valve is now in and saved flooding last week when a 30" water main burst with surcharged the sewer!!"  
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  4. European FOG Summit with Swift Comply & Unblocktober

      The European FOG Summit brings together water, wastewater and sustainability experts to explore new ways of tackling fat, oil and grease (FOG) in sewers and pave the way for a blockage-free future. 
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  5. Glowing referral from Castle Environmental

      Castle Oils have had a recent campaign of PP pipe installs on high-abrasion and high-corrosion lines, both of which suit PolyPropylene pipe well. So much so that their Ilkeston team booked training with IPS, and they did some self-training at the Stoke branch using a couple of different machines but found the SG160 IPS supplied to be a very capable and easy to use machine. Chris Lowery Castle Oils Site Manager said "We would undoubtedly hire the machine again"   The Castle group MD Rob Cowley was so pleased with the work by Chris
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  6. E is for.................... EN1825

    EN1825 | this refers to the European design standards for grease traps. A grease trap under European design criteria is typically a large tank that goes into basements or into the ground outside. When it is 25% full of grease it should be emptied. A great deal of grease and food residue can become deposited in the drainage system along the way, leading to pipe blockages, corrosion and odour formation as well as problems with the operation of sewage plants and lifting stations. For this reason, legislation requires plants which produce greasy wastewater to install grease separators according to EN 1825! In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway
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      ⚡⚡FLASHBACK FEBRUARY⚡⚡ What a year! Last February we fulfilled an dorder with the help of our friends at Kessel.  The order was the largest order we have recieved  for the leading in draiange products.   Kessel shipped 600 pumps to the UK for a project in an at risk flood area in the North West of England.  
  8. AGRU Plastic technology GmbH - HYDROCLICK system

    AGRU HYDROCLICK LINING FOR POTABLE WATER TANKS Renovation of drinking water tanks  In the Salzburg municipality of Zell am See, the aging elevated drinking water tanks have been renovated. Liot Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a company specialized in the rehabilitation of drinking water tanks, uses the drinking water lining system HYDROCLICK produced by AGRU Kunststofftechnik for this purpose. Liot Kunststofftechnik have already successfully renovated several drinking water tanks in Zell am See in recent years. A total of 640 m² of HYDROCLICK sheets were expertly installed for the two chambers of an elevated tank. With this lining system, a lining made of PE80, tested for leak tightness, is installed in the existing water chamber.
  9. Fatberg - The Hidden Menace

      The accumulation of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in a drainage system creates problems for commercial kitchens, food processing facilities and downstream infrastructure. FOG is generated from cooking processes and enters the drainage system via sinks, dishwashers and drainage outlets.    Kessel size all their Grease Separators to the European Norm EN1825.    The Building Regulations 2000 part H - Drainage & Waste Disposal (2002 edition) clearly set out rules for the management of grease :
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  10. Remembering with Love & Gratitude

    On Tuesday 28th 2020, all our colleagues at IPS will join the nation in one minutes silence to remember and honour all of those who have lost thier lives fighting Covid-19 on the front line.  We will come together (observing social distancing) to show our grattitude - so please join us where ever you are. Lets support each other through this difficult time and get stronger together!
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