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Monthly Archives: March 2022

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  1. Finding the right grease separator

    From basements, where space is limited, through to installation in the ground – the right product solution for every requirement Fats, oil and grease – known as FOG in the industry –  do not belong in wastewater. If large quantities of FOG enter the sewers, they can cause considerable damage and lead to corrosion, odours and blockages. In recent years, the sewers of London have made the headlines, with the discovery of vast fatbergs. To prevent this, it is mandatory in virtually all business in which greasy wastewater occurs, to use grease separators that are designed and sized to European standard EN 1825, for example, in restaurants, commercial kitchens or butcher’s shops.   Grease separators largely remove the grease and oil in wastewater before it is discharged into the sewers. Yet which separator is suitable for which area of use and which system is designed for which installation situation? The separators are frequently located in cramped basement, which m
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