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Welcome to the IPS Flow Systems blog. From here you can get the latest news and updates about our company and its product range.
  1. Introducing Flowatch

    Manufacturers Of Market Leading Fire
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  2. Grease Separators from KESSEL

      In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater. This wastewater has quite a way to travel before it reaches the next sewage plant.
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  3. FOCUS ON......... RacMet

    Fire Protection accounts for an important world-wide market share in terms of safety and installation, thus Raccorderie Metalliche designed a suitable solutions for the sector professionals. A wide range of products in 4 different materials comply with any designer and installer requirement. Pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche is used when assembling traditional
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  4. Praher M1 Ball Valve to feature in Wet News

    The Praher M1 Ball valve from IPS Flow Systems will feature in the January 2017 edition of Wet News. If you can't wait, the electronic version will be ready to view on 19th December 2016.The valve features:-
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  5. Praher M1 PVC-U Ball Valve – NOW WRAS APPROVED!

    IPS Flow Systems are pleased to announce that the Praher M1 PVCu Ball Valve now has WRAS approval in both metric and imperial sizes DN10/d16/3/8" - DN50/d63/2". The valve has the following featuresModular design: allows for
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